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Top Best Movie Podcasts for Film

Top Best Movie Podcasts for Film

If you are a movie fan, just watching movies is not enough. You want to read reviews with the actor and the director and absorb the interview. However, you have not yet searched for a movie podcast, even if they are a great way to complement your love for movies.

These films deeply reflect many aspects of the industry. From the production process to the history of cinema. And in this article we have prepared a list of Best Movie Podcasts. All film fans who help them understand more about the film industry

1. Making movies

If you are one of the people watching over 100 movies in a year, you will feel right at home after listening to filsposing. For movie fanatics, it should be widely considered podcast. There is a deep discussion of both the ongoing films and films for decades.

The show’s hosts are two Chicago-based film critic, Adam Kempenar and Josh Larson. When they disagree with any film, they are quick, attractive and especially fun to hear. The fans of Roger Ebert and Jean Siskal Show at the Movies will find great love.

Filmspotting is going on since 2005, so new audiences have a deeper list to look for. Look for the top 5 lists for every 5 weeks, from “Top 5 Movie Flights” to “Top 5 Unseen Movies of the 2000s.”

Filmspotting Mad is also a bracket-style tournament that he organizes every year where he pitch films and directors against each other.

2. How was it made?

A list of the best movie podcasts will not be complete without hilarious how did this happen? Earring Every episode, the hosts take a bad movie and do everything wrong with it. Although the films they deal with are different, in every episode there are fantastic jokes between Paul Schiker, Jun Dianne Raphael and Jason Montzukas, who are themselves comics and actors.

How was it made? It’s especially fun to hear if you are watching the film on which they are discussing, and they reveal it before time, so that you can get involved. Over the years, many movie stars have participated in the show, including Charlize Theron, Seth Rosen and Daniel Radcliffe.

3. It was Oscar Buzz

There are plenty of podcasts about the film awards and Oscars. This list contains many movies in many podcasts, which have great success in the award season. However, this head Oscar Buzz, hosted by Chris Hale and Joe Reid, searches for films which have not been invited for the Academy Awards.

In each episode, the hosts detect such a film, in which there were some types of Oscars for any reason, whether it included it or subject matter. It involves putting a deep dive into filmmaking as well as exploring the race for the Oscars for the year, the film that was released.

The hosts are delightful, the last prizes include almost enlightening knowledge and talent of the season. You would expect to know more about the Golden Globes Comedy category and Blockbuster Movie Awards.

Every episode ends with “IMDB Game”, a movable challenge where they estimate each other the top films listed under an actor’s IMDB page.

4. You should remember this

While we now have many celebrity dramas, mostly it is compared to older Hollywood stories. You will remember it is a podcast that tells the stories of fatal flaws and mythological conflicts between industry veterans.

Whether you enjoy watching classic movies or not, you must remember the story and its fascinating sound quality. While this podcast was finished earlier this year, you have about 150 episodes to listen to. The Season that searches for the murder of Charles Manson is widely considered to be the high point of the series.

To begin with episode: # 44 – Charles Manson’s Hollywood, Part 1; # 115 – Where the monster came from (Bella and Boris Part 1); # 27 – Star Wars Episode I: Bette Davis and Hollywood Canteen

5. The No Movie School Podcast

The popular website No Movie School has long been. It has acted as a great community to share knowledge and experience with each other with independent filmmakers and videographers. The official podcast of the website is no different, which does a crash course without the help of the film school.

Each week, the show dances about the filmmaking process, the film industry, and recently about independent films. It also includes those guests who are trying to make films with minimal resources, just like listeners.


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