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How to Control Plex Amazon Alexa

How to Control Plex Amazon Alexa

Plex Media Server is a great way for you to access your media on a wide range of devices, no matter where you are. However, as you add more content to your server, the exact show you want to watch or the song you want to hear can be difficult to find.

Thankfully, you can now control Plex using Amazon Alexa, so you can control your device using your voice. Let’s set it up, as well as some voice commands that you can use to control Plex with Alexa.

What will you need to control Plex using Amazon Alexa?

The first thing you need is a tool that is compatible with Alexa. Amazon’s smart speakers, including eco, eco-spot, and eco-dot, are the most likely options here, but you can also build your own Alexa Smart speaker using raspberry pie.

Now there is also a wide range of third party products that come with Alexa Voice Control. Products like Lenovo Smart Tab, Sonos One, and even some wireless headphones come with Alexa functionality, and they also allow you to control your Plex Media server using your voice.

You’ll also need Plex skills from the Amazon Skill Store. This skill is currently available only in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and India. You will also need an Android or iOS device with the Alexa app to add and configure Plex skills.

Which Plex Apps Can Alexa Control?

Plex Skill officially supports a wide range of Plex apps. Contains:

To be able to control your Plex app with Alexa, you must log in to your Plex account. A free account will work properly, so you do not need Plex Pass subscription. You’ll also need the Plex app to open and run on your device.

How to set plex

To be able to control it, Alexa should be able to access your Plex Media server. You will need to enable remote access to your server, one of the essential Plex settings which you should be familiar with.

Go to your Plex server and click the settings icon at the top of the screen (it looks like a screwdriver and a wrench).

In most cases, automatic configuration should work without any problems. If this fails, you can try forwarding the port manually to your router. Plex provides detailed instructions on how to set up ports forwarding on Plex Support pages.

If both of these methods fail, then you may be able to use Alexa to control your Plex Media Server. If you fail to set up remote access correctly, but do not explicitly disable it, then your server can set what Plex says to the “relay” connection. You should still be able to use Alexa on this limited connection.

How to set alexa

Once your Plex Media Server is set to Remote Access, you need to install Plex Skill. to do this:

Open the Alexa app on your Android or iOS device and click the menu icon in the upper left corner.
Select “Skill and Sports” and then click on the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner. From here, search for “Plex”.
Select Plex Skills and click on the “Enable to Use” button. You must sign in to authenticate your Plex account.
Click “Authorize” to link your Plex account to Alexa Skills.

Which media server to use

The next step is to tell Plex the skill that Plex Media Server uses. You can do this with a simple voice command – say “Ask Plex to change my server”. You will then hear a list of all the servers connected to your Plex account. Tell Alexea your selection from the list, and it will be set as your default server.

If you have only one server set on Plex, then the skill sets it by default. Alternatively, if you know the correct name of Plex Media Server that you want to use, you can set it directly.

Choosing Which Plex Player To Use

Your final step is to choose which Plex Player is to use automatically. If you have installed Plex on many different devices, you will only be able to control one at a time. You can change the default player at any time.

Then you will hear a list of all the players you have available and then you can choose who you want to set as the default. If you already know the name of the app that you want to set as the default, you can say, “Ask Alex, Plex to change my player to Apple TV”.


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