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How monday Can Supercharge Team

How monday Can Supercharge Team

Project team meetings range from weekly matters to daily stand-ups. And to meet the needs of modern project management, people have to adopt new methods of business practices.

monday.com is a visual aid tool that helps your team manage projects, meet deadlines and create a transparent working culture. With a glance, you can track the progress of any project. It puts messages and files in one place so your team can stay in sync.

Let’s look at monday.com and it features the features that make project management fun and easy.

Starting on monday

Bringing your team on board is a simple process. Visit Monday’s website and enter your work email address. The app asks you several questions to customize the dashboard according to your needs. These include how many users you have, you have the plan to use the app for your workspace name, what your team does, etc.

Understand basic terminology

monday.com works on three underlying elements: boards, groups and items. A board is a virtual whiteboard to store your projects. A group is a color-coded section that contains your items (or works). They can be a week, month, a specific phase of a project, or whatever you want. There can be dozens of items in each group.

Items are the basic building blocks of Monday. Each item represents an individual line or line item on which a team member is working. The content of that item depends on the board plan.

For example, in blogging, these different articles represent the writers working on that article, the date of publication and more. There should be a clear, actionable message in the work that is expressed in a simple explanation.

Build your productivity system with monday.com

In the first phase, we will create a new board. To bring up the board menu, click the plus (+) button next to the board. Select the blank board to start with the scratch, or import your data directly from the Asana, Trailo or CSV file.

To add a template, click Select from within the template. monday.com offers you many pre-defined templates including marketing, content production, project management, etc.

When you create a board, it is visible to any team member in your account. If you are the owner, you can change the board type. To do this, click on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner and select the change board type.

Shareable boards allow you to interact with outside guests, so that you can progress with your customers or share the list with your suppliers. On the contrary, private boards are for confidential work. You can change the type whenever you need it.

Working with groups

To add a new group, move your mouse over the arrows of any current group. Click it and select Add Group. A new tab will appear at the top of your board just below the filter bar.

There are some more actions in the menu. You can duplicate a group, move the group to another board, change the color of the group and export it to Excel.

Before you start grouping, think about which type of group will help your team to organize their work. Although there is no limit to making the group, you may want to restrict the number to simplify the tracking process. Discuss with your team to understand how they want to work with groups.

Working with item

To add an item, click the box that says + Add and type in the item title. Then press Enter. If you think that the title is going too long, break actionable work into smaller tasks.

To create a checklist, click on the item title to slide the right panel in the main view. Then open Update> Checklist tab and type in your works.

A checklist icon will appear next to the title of the item. Hover your mouse over any item and click the menu button that appears on the left to bring more options. You can duplicate an item, move items to another group or board, or archive it.

Add columns to task list

In Monday.com, each item type is under a special column. It helps you create a process and a way to incorporate all the aspects needed to fulfill your tasks. But you can add more columns to meet your team’s needs.

To add a column, click the plus (+) button on the right side of the board. Choose the column you want to add to the options or column center. Below are some columns:

People: You can assign each task to a specific member or to many users.

Status: To keep an eye on the progress of your work.
Date: Set the due date for your tasks.

Formula: excel formula with mathematical capabilities


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